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About us



The Company


Pamir Mount-Tour has been established in 2008 by the initative of Odina Nuramamadov and Muslim Qoziev.

Our aim is to promote sustainable tourism in the Tajik Pamirs thrugh strengthening local manpower and initiatives. 

We care about our unique nature, the vulnerable environment and our traditional culture.


The Team


Odina Nurmamadov

Tour manager, trekking and mountanin guide


Muslim Qoziev

Office director


Iftikhor Nurmamadov

Porter, donkey herder


Avazbek Alifbekov

Trekking guide, porter


Nazardod Mahmadbekov

Donkey herder, porter


Nodal Saffarbekov

Landcruiser driver


Sarfaroz Saradbekov

Minibus driver


Solim Qoziev

Jeep driver


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